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Mon 30th Oct - Fri 3rd Nov, School closed (Half term) Sat 11/25th Nov 2rd Dec, AQE Test (Year 7) Sat 18th Nov, GL assessment (Year 7) Wed/Thurs 13/14th Dec, School performance (Provisional date) Mon 18th Dec, Visit to Millennium Forum (Jack and the Beanstalk) Wed 21st Dec, Last day of term; Half day Thur 4th Jan, New term begins


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School will be closed from Monday 30th October - Friday 3rd November inclusive. School will re-open Monday 06th November 2017 at 9.00am
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The Honourable The Irish Society 

Pictured left to right, Edward Montgomery (Secretary, The

Honourable the Irish Society), Annette Wilson (Year 3/4

teacher), Rodger Chadwick (Deputy Governor, The

Honourable the Irish Society), Emma McGuinness

(Principal) and Clare McMenamin (Vice Principal)

Deputy Governor (Roger Chadwick) and Secretary

(Edward Montgomery) from The Honourable The

Irish Society visited Culmore Primary School on 3rd

March 2017 to present the first instalment of a three

year commitment of funds.

The School has worked hard - fund-raising and

advancing its profile in recent years and will now

benefit from a new and safer entranceway off the

main road plus sufficient parking for teachers’ cars

and visitors.  The Governors anticipate that children

from the new homes will bring pupil numbers back

on target.   The future is looking bright for Culmore

Primary School.